Fourth Graders Become Safe Bike Riders

officer helping student riding a bike

With the warm weather, it is great to see kids out riding bicycles around the neighborhood. Great gews! The WPS Physical Education Teachers have joined together with the Worcester Police Department to ensure that every 4th grade student in the Worcester Public Schools receives education and training on bicycle safety.

Topics from helmet safety, bicycle repair, safe riding on roads, turn signals and more were discussed before and during their PE period. After listening intently, students with bikes and helmets along with those who do not have a bike travel through an obstacle course demonstrating safe riding and turn signaling.

Once the student goes through the course and has shown knowledge and understanding of bicycle safety, police officers award students with a bicycle license to sign and keep. They were also encouraged to put their bicycle’s serial number on the license in case the bike is lost or stolen. They also received a booklet and book mark donated by AAA that has information about bike safety.

At some school, parents were invited to gain more information about bicycle safety.

Over 1800 licenses were awarded to students. Congratulations to the grade 4 students who are now safe bicycle riders.

Gates Lane School is featured in these pictures.